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Furnish Your Vacation Rental Like An Interior Designer

Over the last two decades, Nashville has boomed in popularity. Known as the Country Music Capital of the World, Nashville gets millions of visitors each year and it’s only rising. 2019 has been the highest spike of visitors that Nashville has ever had, and it’s predicted to only grow. Vacation rentals have also been increasing in popularity as more travelers are opting for staycations. Vacation rentals are not only a more eco-friendly alternative to traveling but for many property owners, it’s proven to be a great investment.

While vacation homes are perfect for many travelers, the more difficult part is getting them attracted to the space. First impressions matter as customers will judge a book by its cover. Since this is the case, it’s important to decorate the space to make the guests feel comfortable, well taken care of, and instantly feel at home. Guests care about the appearance of the accommodation that they’re staying in, which is why you need to furnish your vacation rental in an intricate manner. This doesn’t mean you need to go out of your way to hire an interior designer, with these tips, you’ll be able to create a gorgeous space for your guests in no time!

Know your audience

Before you begin transforming the interior of this vacation rental, it’s important to think about the audience you’re wanting to target. There are many different types of travelers, so it’s important to niche down and figure out what audience you’re waiting to attract and how you’re going to attract that audience. If this space is sizable then you may want to focus on hosting families. In this case, you’ll want to purchase sturdy furniture, not easily broken, and has no sharp corners. This can even include purchasing large pieces of furniture such as dining tables and a couch.

If you’re targeting couples, then you’re going to want to decorate the vacation home so it looks romantic. This can include a large bed, luxurious dishes such as champagne flutes, and a hotel-style appearance. Maybe you want this vacation rental to be geared towards Bachelor or Bachelorette parties as Nashville is a popular destination for that.

In these cases, you’ll want to create a comfortable atmosphere that is suited for multiple guests. Overall, it’s best to think about who you’re wanting to target and how you believe you can attract this audience. When it comes to traveling, it’s not one-size-fits-all, so you can’t expect to attract everyone.

Skip the matching furniture sets

Sure, matching furniture sets are very easy for decorating a space but they’re far from attractive. Furniture sets are an outdated trend that can make any space look a little too retro. Plus it’s going to make the space feel far too unoriginal as it’s going to be one primary design or color covering the whole space. When it comes to designing a space, you want to be selective on the furniture.

A good open space needs layering, which is going to include mixing proportions, contrast, color, scale, and designs. While you don’t want visual chaos, you do want to achieve having every piece of furniture and decorative accents nicely complement each other. This doesn’t mean that you can’t pick a theme for the space, this can still be done. While it’s important to not reuse the same designs over and over like matching furniture sets have, you also want to avoid hodgepodges of random furniture thrown in together.

Think about your housekeepers

You’ll want to avoid adding items to the vacation rental that can be hard to clean. These not only take too much time for housekeeping to clean, but sometimes they can be downright impossible for the housekeeping team to clean up as well. Shag rugs are very difficult to vacuum through, fuzzy blankets tend to be difficult to clean up, even when they go through the washing cycle. Not to mention certain throw pillows and blankets can’t be thrown in the washing machine either depending on their materials.

While carpet may add softness to a space, they tend to be very hard to clean up, and are prone to getting stained quickly. Look into switching up your flooring with tiles or wooden flooring, and bring softness with area rugs. This will help make it less likely that the flooring will get damaged and it helps your housekeepers in cleaning the space more effectively.

The outdoor space needs just as much interior as the indoor space

Outdoors for vacation rentals are very important as this is going to be the first impression for the guest whenever they arrive. If your vacation rental is in a house, then you’ll want to think about the exterior. Decorating the outdoor area doesn’t need to be expensive at all! Just think about curb appeal, the vacation home should have a fresh coat of paint, fragrant flowers, and lots of other plants as well.

Plants not only make a space look glamorous, but they also add softness to the exterior of the home. You should also consider creating a nice outdoor living area for the guest, such as stackable weather-resistant chairs, cushioning, and even some nice lighting

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