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STR Realtors is focused on making sure that our clients have a smooth and enjoyable process when dealing with a short-term rental investment. We understand every aspect of the local laws and the industry pain points. That is precisely why we created this real estate firm after building one of the top vacation rental management companies in Nashville.

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Data-Driven Investments

We make sure to have a rock solid base to not only confirm our decisions but guide them as well.

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Unrivaled Industry Experience

The team navigating our processes has learned from all of the mistakes that can be made. We adapted.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Our clients and investors will never have to make a decision without true, unbiased communication.

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End-to-End Operations

From purchasing and permitting a home to curating a branded, online presence, we got you.

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What to Expect

STR Realtors is not your average real estate company. Our sole focus is to guide our clients through the tricky jungle of short-term rental investing. Whether it’s simply finding the right property for our clients or leading them through the entire process along the way, we will ensure a successful investment is made. 

First, each investor must know how to navigate through the extensive list of city regulations and permit requirements just to be able to have an opportunity to enter the game. Most real estate agents don’t have a clue how to answer basic questions about a short-term rental property, but that doesn’t mean they won’t give you an answer. Because we began as a property management company, our team was constantly bombarded by hungry, but inexperienced realtors seeking help to facilitate their deals. This was happening so often, our hand was forced to vertically integrate to the purchase and sale part of the process.

Since we are directly integrated with our property management company, our investment team has access to private, unrivaled data that is used to show investors exactly what to expect when the property begins booking. We are so proud of this unique information that we have a large digital screen in our office named The Board Almighty just so our clients can view it when they visit. 

Once we have helped you find the right property, it is time to strategically furnish the home to maximize the profit returns. This is not something that we do in-house, but we have amazing partners that we work with who know exactly what the home will need. 

Now that your home is furnished, our property management team will generate your online presence and create your property’s listings on the most trusted booking platforms. Once we are taking reservations, you will be given access to watch your investment performance in real-time.

After you have had a full month of booking revenue, you can expect to view the most sophisticated financial and data performance report in the industry. We custom-built these reports because we could not find any software or program that could deliver the information and user experience the way we truly desired. You will also receive an ACH deposit for your net revenue by the 5th of each month. 

Create your dream investment.
Tell us about your project today.

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